Platinum Pre-licensing Life Only Package

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Your Platinum Package includes the following:

Pre-Licensing Course This online pre-licensing course will prepare you to sit for the state exam with a thorough and engaging format taken from our in-person class. This format is extremely unique to online education as we use the actual classroom dialogue, tailored to keep your attention and concisely edited to cover what you need to know for the state exam.

Practice Tests Our practice have over 1200 questions and a supplementary course that will allow you to link to that section of the course for further explanations. The tests provide instant feedback and are designed much harder than the state exam, the goal being to prepare you for whatever may be thrown your way.

Video Library Our exhaustive Video Library includes 12.5 hours of reviews for every chapter in a concise, easy to follow format.

Live ExamCram Webcast This is a true Cram Course, meant for those preparing for the State Exam. Get LIVE instruction from an expert with a concise review of key topics using an interactive format of high-definition (HD) video teaching and live "chat" with an instructor. Your participation in this live session just before your state exam will assure you pass the first time.

Course Course ID
Pre-licensing - Life 17101
Our course for those seeking the 20 Hour Life-only license, taught by David "Big Dog" Watson himself via an engaging transcription of his live course.

New and improved! Totally overhauled for 2022, containing all new information. You won't find a finer pre-licensing course on the market.

This package includes 30 days access to the Life and Variable Annuities (2022) video library:
Totally new for 2022 - the entire course, in video form. Includes 123 videos, each covering a single, concise concept for easy reference.